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feeling tired? time to start exercising!

How good do you feel in the morning when you crawl out of bed? Do you feel like you just don't have the energy to even start your day? If so, it is probably time for you to begin some sort of an exercise routine. If you are like me, you think that it sounds silly to do exercise to increase your energy levels, but it really does. My website contains a lot of tips and information that can help you learn how to get started and explain to you how exercise can help you feel better from the minute you wake each morning.


3 Ways To Make Clean Protein Powder More Tasty And Delicious

Regardless of whether you're working out to gain muscle mass or lose weight, clean protein powder can help you reach your fitness goals quicker. Studies indicate that consuming clean protein powder containing whey one hour before and after exercising can help increase fat-free mass and muscle strength and significantly reduce ghrelin levels, which are basically signals for hunger. Although clean protein powder is effective, it's not necessarily delicious and can be difficult to chug down. Adding protein powder to your diet doesn't have to become a chore. Here are 3 ways that you can make your protein powder taste better.

Add Some Flavor with Fruits

Blend the protein powder with water and fruit in a blender to add more flavor. The sucrose in the fruits will make the drink feel more like a dessert without making it unhealthy. You can add any type of fruit you want; however, the best choice before a workout is bananas.

Bananas are packed full with potassium and other essential nutrients and minerals that are needed for nerve and muscle function. They are also one of the more easily accessible fruits that can be found at almost any grocery store.

Mix in the Protein Powder in Other Recipes

Protein powder doesn't have to always be used to make a protein shake. If you're sick and tired of chugging down the shakes before and after every workout, see if there's a way that you can incorporate the protein powder in your everyday cooking.

You can easily add protein powder in with baked goods if you're making pancakes for breakfast. If not, consider mixing in some protein powder with your pasta sauce or with your soup. The strong flavors of the soup and pasta sauce will cover the flavor of the protein powder to the point where you might not even notice that it's there.

Sweeten Shakes Naturally

If you don't want to be troubled with having to wash a blender every day or if you don't know how to incorporate protein powder in with your cooking, adding honey to the protein shake might be the best solution. It takes minimal effort and makes the protein shake taste a lot better. Just put a spoonful of honey in a cup with the protein shake and you're good to go.

Purchase natural honey to mask the taste of the protein powder and mix well with a spoon. Honey is not only an organic sugar, but is also great for satisfying pre-workout and post-workout needs.


Protein powder can really help boost your workout efforts. It doesn't necessarily have to taste bad, either. With just a little bit of effort, you can improve the flavor of protein shakes or even mask the presence of the protein powder completely by incorporating it into recipes.