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feeling tired? time to start exercising!

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Foam Tennis Balls — A Must-Have Tool For Young Children Learning To Play Tennis

If you're looking to put your young children in an athletic pursuit, you have many different options to consider. While there are likely several team sport leagues in your community, you might also wish to think about a solo sport such as tennis. It's never too early to learn how to play tennis, and children can use this sport to build confidence, make friends, and perhaps even excel in high school and beyond. When you're evaluating different tennis programs, look for one that uses foam balls for its young players. Here are three reasons that foam tennis balls are ideal.

They Don't Hurt

You always want your children to stay safe during any athletic pursuit. While tennis is a safe activity for the most part, there's always a risk of a child getting hit with a ball because he or she fails to return it. Getting hit with a tennis ball isn't apt to create an injury, but it may temporarily make your child sore. The bigger concern here is that he or she may become scared of the ball, which makes learning the sport difficult. Foam tennis balls are lighter and softer, which means that getting hit with one even at a higher speed won't hurt and shouldn't instill fear.

They Don't Come As Fast

Foam tennis balls commonly don't travel as fast as their traditional counterparts, and this attribute can be integral for those who are learning the sport. When a tennis ball comes at a child too quickly, he or she will often struggle to make contact with the racquet. If a child has repeated trouble making contact, it's possible that he or she will begin to lose interest in the sport. Foam tennis balls travel at a lower rate of speed and also don't bounce as quickly, and this can make it easier for your children to make contact.

They're Ideal For Home Practice

Although your children will get all that they need in their tennis lessons, they may be so enthused that they wish to practice at home. You likely don't have a tennis court, which means that your driveway or back patio will become the practice spot. You probably don't want your children hitting tennis balls against the house, as dents in your siding could result. However, when your children use foam balls, which you can buy in any sporting goods store, the risk of damage is much lower.

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